Hello Schlock Treatment fans,

Genericusername here, posting under the name of THEGenericusername as my nom du keyboard has already been claimed on this site. Welcome to the Schlock Treatment Wiki! I founded this wiki in order help spread the word about the podcast, as well as to create a reference guide that new fans can use to introduce themselves to the ideas and "storylines" that permeate the show, and long time listeners can use to jog memories and have some fun. I'm still figuring out how this whole thing works so bear with me.

If you are looking to help edit the wiki, here are a few instructions to get you started:

  • To edit a page, go to that page and click on the edit button on that page. Or find the "contribute" button at the top right corner and click on that.
  • The "contribute" button also has options to start new pages, add photos, and so on.
  • Some features can be added to page through the tool bar at the top of the editing page. The "more" tab will bring up options for feature key shortcuts that can be used throughout the wiki.
  • To create an internal link to another page on the wiki, use two sets of square brackets around the text. [[ ]]

I'm currently linking to pages that don't exist yet. These are pages I plan to create soon. If you want, you can help me out and create the pages that have broken links.

That's all for now!