Summer Reruns is an annual Schlock Treatment tradition that takes place every July. After the "success" of 2012's InZANE JULYlum theme month, the hosts decided that they couldn't come up with anything weirder and chose to do "something awesome" in 2013. Summer Reruns became an immediate hit, and has been repeated every year since.

The format for Summer Reruns is simple. The hosts agree on a television show to watch, and pick an episode that they think will be entertaining. Since television episodes are shorter than feature films, two episodes, usually one from each show, are covered.

Interestingly, Summer Reruns has resulted in some of the show's most beloved long-running bits and characters. Characters such as Terry Gansville and The Miners got their start on Summer Reruns.

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  • Though it has come to be known as a July tradition, Summer Reruns 2014 began in August and ran well into September of that year.
  • Only two shows, Miami Vice and GI Joe, have been covered more than once on Summer Reruns.
  • Only one show, The X-Files, has had an entire Summer Reruns episode devoted to it. Two episodes were covered on one Treatment.