In addition to being astoundingly witty and handsome, Marc McDonald is one of the founding members of Schlock Treatment. He was a full time host from the podcast's inception until Treatment 173 (Big Trouble in Little China). On May 6, 2014, McDonald announced he would be leaving the show on a post on the official Schlock Treatment website.

Early Life Edit

Marc was born the son of a poor Filipino merchant. His early life was full of toil and hardship, but he later turned his life around (and the lives of people everywhere) with his amazing invention of the MP3 player. After such amazing success, he then went on to invent the pre-recorded MP3 audio program or "podcast" for his new medium. He debuted the now legendary Schlock Treatment Podcast, and called it his "thank you gift to humanity." Humanity was appropriately thankful.

Success & Breakdown Edit

Success was inevitable for Marc, sure, but that doesn't mean he didn't work for it. Between his long nights tinkering with another invention (the flux capacitor), his days recording for Schlock Treatment, and his spare time fighting crime from his lair deep within the bowels of Schlock Treatment Towers, he soon found it all too much. He soldiered on for many years with this heavy burden, but soon found it all too much.

Heartbreaking Decision to Leave Schlock Treatment Edit


Crowd reacts, as Marc announces his resignation on International TV.

After his brief recovery period in a Spa in Switzerland, Marc decided to end his tenure at Schlock Treatment. It was a tough decision, but his work at the orphanage was too important to him. The outcry was thunderous. The media hounded him relentlessly. But, after a time, the world came to accept his absence. It was all as he had predicted. Of course it was. He knew it was all for the best, and that it would end this way...thanks to his flux capacitor.