Kirk Howle is a former host of Schlock Treatment. Howle was a founding member of Schlock Treatment Industries, serving as full time host from Treatment 1 (She) until Treatment 206 (The Fifth Annual Schlockies).

Howle is notable for his eccentric personality, a trait which has caused many listeners and even his fellow hosts to label him as "weird." He is a master punster, and a running theme on the show is the "Kirk Joke," which often involves him making up new meanings for words by mispronouncing them or combining them with other's kind of hard to describe.

In addition to hosting Schlock Treatment, Kirk has provided his voice to the animated series "Jawntown," is a member of the band "Leopardactyl" (whose music has been featured on Schlock Treatment numerous times), and is a prolific artist.

Since leaving the show, Howle has returned once as a guest host for Treatment 222 (Contemporary Gladiator).