Genericusername is one of Schlock Treatment's many, many listeners.

GUN is notable for posting rambling, occasionally serialized stories about his life in the comments section of the Schlock Treatment website. These stories are often read by the hosts during the mailbag segment of the show. He has contributed by creating videos and founding the Schlock Treatment Wiki.

Genericusername has often jokingly been accused of "stalking" guest host Abby Denson. This running joke seems to have ended after a minor controversy in which host Matt Ringler mistakingly slandered Genericusername on Treatment 214 (Manhunter), accidentally accusing him of legitimately insulting Denson. Ringler promptly apologized for his mistake while blaming co-host Doug Frye for failing to edit it out of the episode, and all was forgiven.

During Treatment 227 (Thinner) Genericusername was declared Schlock Treatment's official contact in Canada by Doug Frye. GUN celebrated this honour by taunting fellow Canadian and notable Schlock Treatment listener Erik Canootsen in the comments section for the episode.

In his spare time, Genericusername enjoys writing unflattering wiki entries about himself.